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Sports Nutrition


Are you looking to lose weight and tone your body? Are you looking to gain weight and build muscle? From competitive athletes to weekend warriors, a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD) can help you manage your nutrition to best meet your goals. CSSD’s must achieve a board certification to assist athletes. This allows our team to manage your unique requirements for maintaining optimal health while achieving optimal performance.


Areas of Expertise Include


Micronutrient Requirements


Macronutrient Requirements


Calorie Requirements


Protein Adequacy


Hydration Planning


Nutritional Supplementation

Corporate Icons

Team & Group Talks


Analysis of Dietary Intakes


We offer customized products aside from our regular services. Contact us for a personal quote today!

Sports Nutrition Handbook

ANW offers a sports nutrition handbook which can be customized to your institution. The manual is offered in both print and electronic formats. The electronic format is easily separated into individual topics which can then serve as searchable content to enhance your institution’s web page. The printed pages can be used as a customized & bound volume and/or as individual handout pages for your athletes.

Handbooks can be customized:

  • Include your colors, logo, and/or mascot
  • To target age and demographics of your athletic population.

Please contact us for additional information and pricing.

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Sports Nutrition

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